Muriel Evelyn Cope nee WATT

Dear Relative or Friend,

June 2011

  1. At the funeral of Muriel there was expressed a desire to arrange a future group meeting of all interested relatives and friends.
    Traditionally we have had a Cope pre-Christmas party and then a January party to celebrate Muriel's birthday. It is felt that now would be a good time to combine both events and we would like to hear from you regarding a suitable date.
    The number of relatives & friends has grown to a size where we would need someone with a Palace, and as this item has not be found to date amongst our Family Tree, we wish to suggest that the picnic grounds at Okahu Bay, Auckland be a suitable meeting point, as this would cater for adults and children.
  2. Also expressed was a desire to learn more about the Cope / Watt family history. Robin & Sam have been quietly working away on this project but there are many missing parts. If any of you have relevant family history notes, we would be very pleqased to receive them. For thise of you using a Family History Programme, we can accept GED files and in fact can give away GED files of our work to date.
  3. We are prepared to keep a mailing list running BUT we would love you to reply via EMAIL wherever possible.
    Please us Please supply your contact phone nr – cell phone if possible as we can then TEXT you with information.
  4. WANTED: Has anyone got contact details for:
    • Jack Watts grand-daughter? {last heard of in the SI or Sth America ?)
    • Bronwyn Andy Geissmann-Cope ?
    • The Paul Cope family unit, now in Australia.
  5. We want to work towards having a get-together at the end of 2011 – that is this year, so please do not be slow with your reply. <big grin>
Yours sincerely,
Sam & Robin Cope